АО «Кувасайцемент»

JSC “Kuvasaycement” is one of the largest and most modern plants for the production of cement and building materials in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries. The production capacity of the enterprise exceeds 1 million tons of cement per year. The plant is located in the city of Kuvasay, Fergana region.

The company is a multiple winner of international exhibitions. In November 1997, JSC “Kuvasaycement” was awarded the highest award “For World Quality” at the international exhibition in Madrid. In October 1999, JSC “Kuvasaycement” received a special international award “Gold Star for Quality” at the international exhibition in Geneva. In March 2002, the company received the international prize “Arch of Europe”, in September 2004 – a gold medal at the international forum of cement enterprises.

JSC “Kuvasaycement” pays special attention to the issue of increasing energy efficiency, and is also consistently working to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The plant was designed by the design institute Stromstroyproekt (USSR). The production was launched in 1932 and subsequently underwent complex modernization several times. To date, the company has one of the most modern production lines in Uzbekistan and Central Asia with high performance and energy efficiency. The main activity is the production of Portland cement M-400 D 0 and D 20, sulfate-resistant Portland cement M – 400 DO, M – 400 D 10 and M – 500, portland cement, gypsum mixtures, asbestos-cement sheets and ceramic tiles.

Limestone from the Lyaganskoye and Kyzylkiyskoye deposits, gliezh and shale from the Kyzylkiyskoye deposit, gypsum stones from the Shursuvskoye and Obshirskoye deposits, as well as fuel ash and slag and iron-containing cinders of local occurrence are used for production. The enterprise operates its own fleet of trucks, mining dump trucks, bulldozers and wheeled front loaders, a railway station and a diesel locomotive depot. The total area of ​​the plant is 42 hectares, including 8.1 hectares of production facilities. The number of employees exceeds 1000 people.