JSC “Kantsky Cement Plant”

Kant Cement Plant JSC is the largest manufacturer of cement products and the flagship of the construction industry in Kyrgyzstan. The production capacity of the enterprise exceeds 1.1 million tons of cement per year. The plant is located in Kant, Chui region, 22 km. from Bishkek.

The plant’s products have proven themselves in hydrotechnical, airfield and road construction, under conditions of aggressive sulfate and mineralized environment, repeated alternate freezing and thawing. Using the products of the Kant Cement Plant, a cascade of hydroelectric power plants was built on the Naryn River, dams on the Talas and Sokuluk rivers, several airports, as well as many facilities of the Baikonur aerospace complex.

The plant was designed by the design institute “Novorossgiprocement” (USSR) and launched in 1964. From that moment to the present, JSC “Kantsky Cement Plant” has produced more than 50 million tons of cement.

All varieties of cement produced by the plant fully meet international requirements. For production, limestone of the Agalatasskoye deposit (Kazakhstan), located 17 km. from the factory. Delivery is carried out by road.

The company is actively upgrading equipment and working to improve the energy efficiency of production. In 2021, a new compressor plant was installed, a cement silo aspiration program was installed, bag filters were overhauled, and a project was launched to transfer cement mill No. 8 to a closed cement grinding cycle, which will be completed by the end of 2022.