United Cement Group is implementing ESG standards at its plants in Uzbekistan.

“In Uzbekistan, a resolution on further improving the economic mechanisms for environmental protection is in effect, which requires manufacturers to report on harmful emissions and comply with established norms,” explains Serik Ukanov. “At United Cement Group, the control of harmful substance emissions into the atmosphere and it is carried out by specialists from each plant under the supervision of holding company experts. Each plant within the holding has a separate “Aspiration” workshop responsible for the proper operation, maintenance, technical servicing, as well as the adjustment of all dust removal systems of raw material and cement grinding mills, and rotary kilns. We compile monthly and quarterly reports on emissions, and keep statistics on the carbon footprint per ton of cement. The next major step for UCG is a multi-stage project aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, including a contract for the reconstruction of two rotary kilns with the leading German company KHD.”

Standard of Quality Corporate Governance

ESG management standards constitute a significant part of business evaluation. They encompass transparency in reporting, shareholder relations, a healthy working environment, opportunities for development, and suitable working conditions for employees. The standard takes into account a company’s compliance with legal norms, business integrity, the quality of business relationships, and interaction with stakeholders.

Within the UCG holding, there is a personnel training program: talented young individuals are selected at all production sites for subsequent training at leading local and international educational institutions. Young specialists are sent for qualification improvement to Uzbek universities, as well as to Europe and the United States. These employees will be able to work with high-tech equipment, implement robotics, and enrich the managerial staff in the future.

The corporate values of UCG are based on the traditions of its enterprises, taking into account their specific characteristics and respect for the team. For example, the best result in the history of the “Kyzylkumcement” plant (72 thousand tons of cement products packed in 50-kilogram bags delivered to customers) was celebrated by the collective prayer of the sales department and the Cement Grinding Unit, while Lazizbek Mullajonov’s bronze medal at the World Boxing Championship became a collective victory for the entire Transportation Department of “Kuvasaycement” JSC, led by his father.

Standard of Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an ESG criterion that indicates a business’s ability to invest not only in its own growth but also in the country where it operates. The criterion evaluates a company’s involvement in community health and safety, cultural heritage in the territory of its operations, respect for human rights, and the development of the surrounding community.

The UCG holding has been supporting the ecological project “Yashil Makhon” (Green Zone) initiated by the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, for many years. The project aims to green the areas of the country where industrial enterprises historically operate. Under the supervision of the holding, decorative plants and shrubs are grown at the Kyzylkumcement plant in the arid Navoi district. Drip irrigation systems are installed, and fruits and vegetables are planted. Additionally, Kyzylkumcement JSC actively participates in waste disposal programs and conducts charitable activities such as providing financial support, supplying construction materials to those in need, and carrying out repair work in the region.

All these steps have been taken not only for international ratings. Each plant within the holding represents a historical part of Uzbekistan, with dynasties of workers. UCG has taken control not only of large-scale cement production but also of the responsibility for people, the environment, and ultimately, the overall image of the republic.

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