Since November 2022 reconstruction works have been carried out at Bekabad-Cement JSC. Modernization will help to increase the capacity of the dry-mix process production line up to 20%.

Works on dismantling and replacement of old equipment are carried out round the clock.

A number of the following works are being performed:

1. Replacement of worn-out parts of the shell and installation of new blinkers in C1, C2, C3 cyclone heat exchangers.

2. Dismantling and pouring of new refractory concrete and refractory brick in C4 and C5 cyclone heat exchangers.

3. Complete replacement of refractory concrete and refractory brick in the combustion chamber.

4. Replacement of refractory concrete on the gas ducts of cyclone heat exchanger.

5. Partial replacement of shell on bottom of calciner kiln and replacement of refractory concrete and brick.

6. Replacement of refractory lining bricks in the sintering area of the furnace shell.

7. Replacement of foreplate and refractory concrete on foreplate of furnace shell.

8. Replacement of the electrical filters of the rotary kiln and cooler with thermal insulation coating throughout the shell.

9. Complete replacement of the cladding on the air conditioning tower shell.

10. Dismantling and installation of the refractory and chamotte brick lining of the rotary kiln for the clinker production, also lining the interion of the kiln with HALBOR AR 400 aluminosilicate bricks.

11. Dismantling of the rotary kiln burners (bottom burner) with its commissioning.

12. Dismantling of the existing LBTQ 2500 cooler and installation of the new 4 Generation cooler KS 4.1 – 0955 produced by “BTIEC” Company.

All works on modernization are carried out round the clock together with the installation supervision specialists of “BTIEC”, the Chinese company.

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