On March 10 the presentation of improved CEM I 42,5 took place in “Kant Cement Plant” JSC, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

The plant installed a modern automated grinding system and a new high efficiency 4th generation Osepa separator. The equipment allows cement leaving the mill to be separated into fractions in a wider range and to achieve a high degree of fineness. A catcher for ungrindable particles and impurities is installed in front of the separator to prevent them from getting into the final product.

A technological bag filter is installed, where the product is separated, and this has a positive effect on the ecology because the atmospheric emissions are practically zero.

The investment sum was more than 2 million US dollars.

The new improved brand CEM I 42.5-H:

  • Saving of up to 15% of cement and additives per 1 cubic meter of concrete mix;
  • free support of certified technologists;
  • selection of the formulation of concrete and reinforced concrete products;
  • support up to 28 days at all sites;
  • around the clock work without holidays and weekends;
  • prompt delivery;
  • Types of packaging: in bulk, container, soft container of single use.

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