Modernization of Cement Mill No. 8: Introduction of closed cycle and advanced technology to optimize the grinding process

We are happy to announce the successful implementation of the project of converting Cement Mill No. 8 from open cycle to closed cycle cement grinding. The application of modern approaches and equipment allowed us to automate the process and achieve the following benefits:

1. Weight batchers were installed to accurately control the dosing of clinker, gypsum and additives into the mill.
2. The latest mill tooling with high-chromium grinding media was installed. The cylpebs in the second chamber were replaced by balls with diameters of 40 to 15 mm to achieve a finer grinding and a higher specific surface of the cement.
3. A 4th generation Osepa separator is installed, separating cement into fractions in a wide range and ensuring high grinding fineness. The catcher of unground particles and impurities before the separator excludes their ingress into the finished product.
4. A new process bag filter for the separation of the finished product was implemented and the existing low-efficiency electrostatic precipitator was reconstructed, which has a positive effect on the environment and reduces emissions into the atmosphere.
5. Increased productivity ensures reduction of specific power consumption and the cost of the finished product.

Along with the wet method of clinker production, characterized by a more stable chemical and mineralogical composition, and the use of a closed cycle of grinding, the cement of our plant is ahead of the competition. Accredited laboratory of the plant controls the quality of cement produced and sold.

We are sure that these improvements will let us offer our customers the products tailored to their needs and strengthen our position in the market. With strict quality control and the ability to modify product characteristics, our plant is always ready to offer the best solutions for our customers.
Together we build a sustainable future by developing and producing high quality cement with less environmental impact.