Bekabadcement JSC is carrying out overhaul of rotary kiln No.2.

It is planned to perform a number of key works in the mechanical part. Here are some of them:

    • — Suction box: inspection of rotor bearings, water cooling system, disassembly and installation of rotor, replacement of worn out parts of the volute.


    • — Slurry feeder: replacement of slurry pipe and spiral, inspection of mixer and spiral bearings, water supply valves, mixer blades and shaft, control tank.


    • — Feed seal: replace paddles and cable, replace reverse nose ring.


    • — Piers 1-7: inspection of bearings, water cooling and lubrication system, oil change, grooving and welding cracks in the type plates and thrust devices, replacement of tyre thrust rollers and other works.


    • — Main drive gear: inspection of antifriction bearings, oil system, oil change, inspection of auxiliary drive gears.


    • — Coupling shaft: inspection of spindle, slurry cakes, sliders and bushings, oil change.


    • — Girth gear and Spur pinion: grooving and welding cracks in the girth support, inspection of bearings with elimination of gaps, replacement of lubrication, restoration of girth shell, tightening of girth mounting bolts, replacement of pins and bushings.


    • — Head kiln shell: replacement of threshold and interlayer sheath fastening bolts, cup replacement, grooving and welding cracks in the head kiln.


    • — Recuperator unit: grooving and welding cracks of saddles, clamps and the sub-recuperator shell, partial replacement of recuperator shells, replacement of the mounting bolts of the bottom and the recuperator sheath, replacement of recuperator sheath.


    • — Reverse clinker conveyor: revision of KC2-1300 gearbox, oil replacement, clinker conveyor sections and bucket replacement, inspection of machine shaft and head shaft bearings, repair of bunkers, replacement of P-50 rail.


    — Dust nozzle: replacement of dust nozzle and tip.

Overhaul of furnace No. 2 in the Burning Shop is aimed at ensuring reliable and efficient operation of the equipment, as well as at increasing its lifetime and productivity. All envisaged works will be carried out in accordance with high quality standards in order to ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of the production process.